Komunita Exosphere založená v chilském městě Viña del Mar přichází po své úspěšné evropské tour v roce 2014 se svým workshopem také do Prahy. Workshop bude veden v angličtině, proto i bližší popis v tomto jazyce.

Exobase is a full-day entrepreneurial workshop. It is an intense process of introspection about one’s life, options and vocation, followed by an exposition of practical philosophies and tools to help the participants in taking their next steps. The program is designed to be a place where one can temporarily suspend external pressure, and is given the freedom to think about one’s life and goals with a clear mind and support from experienced entrepreneurs.

The workshop will be delivered in English and includes sessions on Discipline, Antifragility, Entrepreneurship, Self-Reliance and more.

  • Date: June 4th, 9 am – 6 pm (with lunch break)
  • Venue: To be announced

We invite you to join the Facebook event Exobase Prague, where you can stay up to date and ask questions.

More information, early Bird prices and student discounts are available at www.exobase.exosphe.re/prague2015/